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<3 [11 Jul 2004|11:14pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


<3, Morgan.

Niggah, i AM crazy.

5 have stepped on it & ♥ my heart is on the floor

oh no. [03 Jul 2004|05:51pm]
friday. HORRIBLE soooo bad, till tom made my day! <333 yess! and "slept" over chelseas <333333 and that was super fun. then today i cut my hair and dyed itttt...mm hmm. and then we went home and me and chelsea had fun with CD's and razor blades. lol...thennnnnn i watered the flowers for mom, she comes back from vacation tonight at like 7 and we need to go pick her up. im SOO upset about warped tour cuz its gunna be full of people who ARENT there for the music. grr...yeah well it really gets me angry that its sold out because of those stupid little poser wanna be pop punk bitches who dont know any music there they just wanna see hot skater boys. and the old people who buy tickets and dont even know what the thing is. i HATE old people. god they are so dumb. ...SO many of my friends who are good fans actually are missing this because of those stupid ass bitches, i swear when i find out some of them ....ill break their nose for taking my ticket.

chelsea bear is laying nest to me on the floor with a pink cheshiar cat on her tummy <333
2 have stepped on it & ♥ my heart is on the floor

my day [24 Jun 2004|12:27am]
[ mood | geeky ]

today was horrible, then great, then lame, then fun, then way cool, then exciting, then sad, then HORRIBLE, then more sad, then alright, then WONDERFUL...and im at the wonderful still.

i like to feel wonderful. hee hee.

im not mad at brandon no more.

i have new pix IM me for them. <33

im gunna go call brandon in a sec. then im off to bed.


oh im sending brandons shit tomorrow. yayyy.
he'll be excited theres alooooottttt of fun stuff to go through. ha, id like it if i was in oklahoma. hee hee. goodnight everyone. <3

lame and bored...grrr *yawn* ...

take my heart but please dont break it. <X3. ***SUCKER LOVE*** -the morgster.

my heart is on the floor

no worl today woot woot. [22 Jun 2004|01:12pm]
[ mood | blank ]

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dipndots saw something they shouldn't have in iagonyi's parents' bedroom...
heartxkill knows the truth about anymoreideas and infiniteromance.
vegasnothing became turned on by the Power Rangers movie...
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yeah so today i asked daddy to take me home instead of work, he was cool with it and i NEED sleep, i honestly fall asleep in class and dont even know untill someone make sa noise, i like fall sleep with my eyes open. its crazy. well, i talked to nick last night. wow nicks really hott. haha. and me and MIIIICK lol, nick mick yeah anyways...me and mick need to hang soon, i hang with him everyday at summerskool. hes hot hott i get to work with soaked panties. hah. he just broke up with his girlfriend too cuz she was dumber then a bag of rocks haha. anywaysss...i talked to brandon, he seemed mad at me, but i cant help the way i feel, and im not gunna feel sorry for myself because thats the way i feel, weather i posted it or not, its still how i felt...so i think its better that he knows. anyways. oooh, to answer you daina...i work at themeing solutions again!!! eeks. i hate it so much but its money hah. so yeah, my belly button ring was like really gross for a longgggg ass time and now that my skin is drying up, its perfect. like...perfectly healed from the gross time. lol!? it does that off and on..i hate it. i want it to be normal forever. hah. wow, my dog wont stop farting...

i fucking love rupsy

anyways. i need to get my warped tour ticket, new mac make-up and save my money for my hair before CT. i wanna look cute when i go. hah so anyways..im gunna go on AIM in the other room...and im done typing niggahs.

ex oh..-morgster
3 have stepped on it & ♥ my heart is on the floor

[21 Jun 2004|05:05pm]
im getting my septum done in july. finally. before i go to CT. and thats on the 24th. i cant effin wait to see my mike and hang with perry for one! haha we have a shopping date! and my blood sista fo sho. and trish<3 god i fucking love it there. im never comming back, and they wont make me...and believe me theres nothing keeping me here exept one thing...ONLY ONE. he name is my chelsea bear. <3 id miss her more then anything ever. she makes me sane. otherwise i would have prolly shot sumone or at least stabbed someone by now. god. i dont know how one person can have so much hate. i feel like stabbing people because im not happy. im so damn selfish. i cant wait till 2 1/2 years. im outta here in a blink of an eye...

ONE WAY ticket to the east coast please!

hahahhaaha i hate you.
<3, morgan fucking brittany.
my heart is on the floor

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